Los Angeles Psychologist Dr. Vida Nikzad, Psy.D., LMFT

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My Therapy Philosophy


The privacy, confidentiality, safety, and well-being of my clients always come first. All words that are spoken with my clients in my office or by phone will be kept strictly confidential. I hold the privacy and confidentiality of my clients and their family members of the utmost importance.

I chose to become a therapist many years ago because I believe people can change their life for the better, as I have done with my own life. I find great satisfaction in helping people do so. Being a mother, wife, and first-generation immigrant, I am familiar with many of the problems that adults, families, children, and adolescents face in our rapid-paced American society.

My education, training, and experience have taught me that people can change and make things work. This change can be rapid, and, as my clients know, very satisfying. However, these changes are real and fundamental, not just band-aids; as merely taking medication tends to be.

My clients have told me that they appreciate the fact that I am down to earth, warm, and genuine. My style tends to be informal, low on pretense and psychobabble, but high on support, honesty and understanding. My clients often tell me that our session is over too soon, as I encourage a warm and friendly atmosphere in my office. I encourage humor and a sense of fun in the process, which I found can be healing and uplifting.

I am not afraid to share my own experiences with my clients when I feel that they can learn from them. I believe in being authentic and transparent, meaning I am up front with my clients regarding what I am thinking and why. I model healthy and honest relationships with my clients so that they can institute healthy patterns of interaction with their loved ones, coworkers, and friends. I also believe that a relationship between my clients and myself builds trust and respect, creating a safe environment for my clients to explore sensitive and painful areas of their life.

One of my strengths is that I pay special attention to respecting and valuing the diverse cultural backgrounds of my clients and their families. I consider myself a culturally competent therapist. Therefore, I never judge my clients. I also listen carefully to better understand my client’s values and background.

It is always my procedure to first get to know my client and then develop a feel for what works best for him or her. All people are unique, and so no process for one client will work for another client.

I constantly keep in mind the question, "How can I help you best?" I often ask my clients for their input on what is working and what is not working for them. As a result, my clients are able to take control of the helping process and so get the most out of our time together. Although I have often worked in a clinical/hospital setting, which has allowed me to become familiar with accurate diagnosis, I do not dwell on diagnosis. Neither do I try to categorize my clients as being this type or that. Rather, I focus on problem-solving, personal growth and developing insight.

Most importantly, I see each of my clients as having the potential for success and happiness in his or her lives. Part of my work will concentrate on identifying my clients’ innate strengths and capabilities and how these can help them overcome obstacles. I find that this enables clients to find creative and satisfying solutions to their problems.

I have experience with a broad range of problem and approaches. But from my broad-ranging experience, I only use those techniques and approaches that really work. I do not like to waste time, but work on a rapid and effective treatment in which the client is very much aware that positive changes are happening in his or her life and relationships. Therefore, I draw from a variety of different approaches and methods in my work, depending on the needs and interest of each client.

My end goal for you is to leave therapy feeling empowered and able to cope with future problems. In order to do this, I believe you must start to believe that you can make tremendous positive changes in your life in a relatively short time! I will support you every step of the way and help you find new paths to travel, helping you and your families to fulfill your most cherished dreams!

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Dr. Vida Nikzad, Psy.D., LMFT
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